QA offer first class ‘Accredited Assessment Centre’ Management Services associated with the delivery of employee training and qualification.

Approved by a number of Awarding Bodies, our services provide solutions that include a ‘back office/outsourced” solution for companies and organisations who wish to do their own training but do not have the expertise or time to manage an ‘Accredited Assessment Centre themselves.

An outsourced solution enables you to deliver the specialist training element whilst QA take care of the associated Awarding Organisation and Regulatory requirements surrounding centre management including the registration, quality assurance and certification processes avoiding the time and overhead costs associated with setting up and managing an ‘Accredited Assessment Centre’.

To see how we can help your organisation develop effective training and qualifications for your business, call today on 01773 748866, email or alternatively please complete our Contact Form, and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.