Our Administrators are responsible for the certification of learners with the Awarding Body and will operate closely with the Quality Manager to ensure that mistakes and errors are avoided by use of a double-checking process.

QA Associates will:

  • Ensure that certificate claims are timely;
  • Audit certificate claims made to the Awarding Organisation.
  • Audit the certificates received from the Awarding Organisation to ensure accuracy and 

Learners will only be certificated when:

  • The Administrator is satisfied that all learner evidence of achievement by either portfolio/examination/assignment has been received and marked or assessed.
  • Satisfactory Internal Quality Assurance of candidate work has been completed for the relevant 
course; or
  • A Summary of Results Report has been received from the Programme/Quality Manager; 
  • Unit Summary Reports for each candidate have been received from the Programme/Quality 
  • A Job Process sheet has been signed by the Quality Manager that certification can be completed;
  • All certificates will be posted out using recorded delivery.

Records of achievement will be retained by electronic filing systems.

For further information on our certification process or to see how we can help you call today on 01773 748866, email info@qa-associates.co.uk or alternatively please complete our Contact Form, and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible