Assessment is mandatory on all our qualification courses as we seek to ensure that learners have learnt about the subject that their employer has sent them on.

Assessment is designed to ensure that assessment methodology is valid, reliable and does not disadvantage or advantage any group of learners. 
It is in place to ensure that the assessment procedure is open, fair and free from bias and in accordance with the appropriate national occupational standards.

Our practices are to ensure that there is accurate and detailed recording of assessment decisions.

We will:

  • Ensure that students are provided with assignments that are fit for purpose, to enable them to produce appropriate evidence for assessment.
  • Assess student’s evidence using only the published assessment and grading criteria.
  • Ensure that assessment decisions are impartial, valid and reliable.
  • Develop assessment procedures that will minimise the opportunity for malpractice.
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of assessment decisions.
  • Maintain a robust and rigorous internal quality assurance procedure.
  • Provide samples of evidence as required by the Awarding Organisation.
  • Monitor Awarding Organisation reports and undertake any remedial action required.
  • Provide resources to ensure that assessment can be performed accurately and appropriately.

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