Customised Qualifications


QA Associates design and develop customised qualifications to meet the needs of our clients.

We offer a design service for companies, organisations and institutions that seek National accreditation for the training programmes that they deliver to their staff or in the case of training providers, that they offer to their customers.

A customised qualification can be at any level and for a minimum training period of a day and is achieved where learner knowledge can be demonstrated through assessment or examination of specified learning outcomes.

We develop the qualification in partnership with an appropriate Awarding Body to a client brief.

For your company employee training schemes.

A Customised qualification attached to the companies training programmes can help to:

  • Develop the staff you have by re-training and up-skilling them them in the areas you need, and reduce the costs and burdens of hiring new staff;
  • Increase the motivation and satisfaction of current employees by offering them individual nationally accredited awards and credits;
  • Assist the company gain wider marketability through having a highly trained and qualified workforce;
  • Provide a practical and progressive methodology of ensuring staff are up-to-date and maintain their competence.

For Training Providers.

A Customised qualification attached to the training programmes you offer can help to:

  • Sell your training courses to a wider market as it offers an accredited qualification to the learner at the end of delivery;
  • Provide a focus to the course through specified learning outcomes;
  • Demonstrate that learning took place through assessment and examination of learners;
  • Give confidence to customers that a quality product is being delivered through the accredited process;

QA Associates understands that accrediting training and certificating learners takes time out of from other responsibilities. Accordingly,  let our offer linking customised qualifications to our accredited assessment centre services take the strain

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