Fire Safety Level 2

March 9, 2015 1:45 pm

This e-learning course is suitable for learners who wish to gain knowledge in Level 2 Fire Safety. This course is aimed at anyone involved in fire safety in the work place; this includes managers, supervisors, team leaders, fire wardens and staff working in an area where there may be a potential fire risk.

£22.00 plus VAT



Fire Safety Level 2 is an online course, it forms part of the QA e-learning programme and includes:

• Introduction to fire safety.
• The characteristics of fire.
• Fire safety legislation.
• Assessing and managing risk

Those taking the Fire Safety Level 2 online course will engage in approximately 6-9 guided learning hours of training. Their knowledge will be tested by answering 5 multiple choice questions at the end of each module, there are 4 modules in total.

On completion of this course, the system produces a personalized HABC commended certificate for the learner.

View Course Factsheet.

Pricing Structure:

• Up to 3 users: £22.00+VAT per user
• 4 – 10 users: £20.00+VAT per user
• 11+ users: £17.50+VAT per user
• 25+ users: £15.00+VAT per user