QA Associates (QAA) is committed to ensuring that the qualifications we deliver retain value and credibility. The key to this is valid and reliable assessment.

Effective internal quality assurance plays a vitally important role in achieving and maintaining reliable assessment practice and applies irrespective of the medium through which we provide access to qualifications.

The Lead Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) at QAA is the driver of quality assurance in our qualifications, both within national frameworks and within the quality and management systems at our centre.

The role, in terms of managing assessment so that it consistently meets national standards is central to maintaining public confidence in each and every qualification issued.

Internal quality assurance is a key factor in managing ‘risk’ and ensuring that when certificates are claimed for learners the requirements of the national standards have been reliably met.

High quality learning, assessment and quality assurance are required to get the most out of all qualifications. There are tangible benefits for all from this approach as it means:

  • Improved learner experience
  • Raised learner achievement rates
  • Increased learner retention rates
  • More cost effective programmes
  • Regulatory requirements are met
  • Support for other planning and monitoring processes such as self-assessment

Our commitment to Quality Assurance can be demonstrated by our achievement of ISO9001 and our continuous re-certification.

We offer outsourced IQA services to businesses and companies who seek independent audit of their assessment processes. This includes the sampling of portfolios, observation of trainers, chair standardisation meetings etc. etc

 To see how we can help your organisation by carrying out your IQA call today on 01773 748866, email info@qa-associates.co.uk or alternatively please complete our Contact Form, and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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