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Welcome to QA Associates

QA offer first class services associated with the delivery of accredited training and qualifications.


An apprenticeship is when an individual works and gains new qualifications and skills at the same time.

As an apprentice, you will be working in a real job where you will be employed by a company, have a contract of employment, get paid a salary and be entitled to all of the statutory benefits.

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Accredited Assessment Centre

We manage on behalf of clients, all or some of the key components of an ‘approved assessment centre’ delivering specialist training and related qualifications through bespoke strategic partnerships.

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1. Specialist Training

QA Associates are experienced providers of ‘accredited’ specialist training in short courses of one or two days or up to one year Apprenticeships. We work with employers to develop professional development training programmes that match staff training need.

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2. Register Learners for a Qualification

Ninety five percent of classroom-based learners with QA Associates undertake a formal accredited qualification as part of their training. We use one of three Awarding Bodies to give us the most appropriate qualification choice for our clients and their learners.

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3. Conduct Assessment

Assessment is mandatory on all our courses in the form of either short tests, examinations, assignments or interviews as we seek to ensure that learners have learnt about the subject that their employer has sent them on.

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4. Examination Paper Marking

QA Associates offer a high quality examination marking service to training providers who wish to focus on their core business of training delivery. Our experienced markers provide a fast and reliable service.


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5. Internal Quality Assurance (IQA)

We offer internal quality assurance services to our clients. IQA plays a vitally important role in achieving and maintaining reliable assessment practice and applies irrespective of the medium through which we provide access to qualifications.

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6. Certify Learners

Our Administrators are responsible for the certification of learners with the Awarding Body and will operate closely with the Quality Manager to ensure that mistakes and errors are avoided by use of a double-checking process.

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7. Design of Customised Qualifications

QA Associates design and develop customised qualifications to meet the needs of our clients.
We offer a design service for companies, organisations and institutions that seek National accreditation for the training programmes that they deliver to their staff or in the case of training providers, that they offer to their customers.

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Why work with QA Associates?

Our services are ‘Quality Assured’ through ISO9001;
We are on the Governments Register of Training Providers;
Fully accredited by City and Guilds, BTEC and Highfields Awarding Body for Compliance; and
We offer a bespoke, professional and friendly service.

To find out more, please call on 01773 748866 or Complete our contact form.