Safe Guarding – Is your child safe?

Safe Guarding – Is your child safe?

The Daily Telegraphs headline news today states that police,teachers,elected councillors and social workers who turn a blind eye to child abuse, could face a 5 year jail sentence.

Prime Minister David Cameron, will warn those who ignore cases of child abuse out of a “warped sense of political correctness”, that they will face criminal prosecution.

Police forces will be ordered to treat child abuse cases as a “national threat” equivalent to terrorism and organised crime. Under plans drawn up by Mr David Cameron, an offence of “wilful neglect” that was recently introduced to protect the elderly in care homes, will be extended to protect children from paedophiles.

Downing Street said that the offence would cover every tier of the public sector, with no one being exempt. The plans come along side government proposals for mandatory reporting, which will make it a criminal offence for public sector workers to fail to report child abuse or suspected child abuse.

Health authorities, police and education bodies such as teachers, nurseries, child minders and social workers, will be subject to new joint inspections. Local authorities will be carrying out the inspections.

Is your child being safe guarded? Does your child’s nursery, child minder or school have safe guard training and relevant qualifications? Why not ask them and find out?