A Day in the Life of a Care Home

A Day in the Life of a Care Home

Eastlake care home in Surrey, is not your average care home, according to an article published by the BBC.

  • Staff make sure that all 52 residents have their clothes washed separately.
  • The residents with hospital appointments or other engagements are prioritised.
  • Staff play the piano and lead the residents in a round of all time classic tunes. This is a popular activity in the home and evidence suggests that singing is good for the brain.
  • Staff are on hand 24/7 to provide residents with care and all residents have call buttons that can be used anywhere within the home.

Residents speak highly of the home telling the BBC, “the quality of food is excellent and staff are friendly. Whatever you want, they will do for you even if its during the night.”

Linda Grout, the homes manager said, “It is all about providing personalised care. This is their home after all.”

But is Eastlake a typical care home?

More than 400,000 people live in care homes in the UK. The latest Care Quality Commission annual report notes that there is “significant variation” in the care home sector, with nursing homes tending to fare worse than residential care homes. Compliance with standards hovers around the 90% mark.

Does your local care home or residential home deliver a high standard of care? Are the staff equipped with the correct level of training to carry out their duties effectively?