Food Safety – Do you know where germs lurk in your kitchen?

Food Safety – Do you know where germs lurk in your kitchen?

How much do you know about the equipment, food storage and germs that lurk in your kitchen? Here are some of the high risk items in your kitchen that carry germs:

The Kitchen Sink

Most people think of the toilet as the most contaminated part of the house, this is incorrect. The kitchen sink typically contains 100,000 times more germs than a bathroom or toilet.

The Kitchen Sponge

A used kitchen sponge can contain thousands of bacteria per square inch, including E.Coli and Salmonella. The sponges moist micro-crevices are a trap for germs and are difficult to disinfect. You should change your kitchen sponge on a regular basis as germs are easily transferred to other surfaces.

A Chopping Board

The average kitchen chopping board has around 200% more faecal bacteria on it than the average toilet seat. Do you clean, wash and disinfect your chopping board regularly? Do you think it may be worth buying a new chopping board? Do you know that meat, fish, vegetables and cooked foods should have different chopping boards?

The Fridge

Do you place food in the fridge before it is fully cooled? Do you know that placing hot food in the fridge can lead to uneven cooling? This uneven cooling can cause food poisoning. It can take a long time for the temperature in the middle of the food to drop, this creates the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply. Do you know the correct way to store cooked and raw meats and high risk foods in your fridge with out causing germs and cross contamination?

Do you work in the food industry or in a job where you regularly come into contact with food? Do you have up to date Food Safety Certificates? Do you need to take a Food Safety course?