Calling all Employers – We are offering Sector Based Work Academies

Calling all Employers – We are offering Sector Based Work Academies

interview-skillsWe are currently looking for local businesses in the Derbyshire area, who would like to participate in the Governments ‘Sector Based Work Academy’ scheme.

The aims of a Sector Based Work Academy are:

  1. To help those job seekers with potential, secure employment;
  2. To help meet your companies immediate and future recruitment needs;
  3. To assist you to recruit a workforce with the right skills to sustain and grow your business.

A sector-based work academy normally lasts up to four weeks and has three key components:

  1. Pre-employment training- designed with you and relevant to the needs of your business and sector;
  2. A work experience placement – of benefit to both the individual and your business;
  3. A guaranteed job interview with the chance of employment

The key feature of sector-based work academies is that they offer a flexible approach and can be adapted to meet the needs of your business. Participants will remain on benefit throughout the period of the sector-based work academy and Jobcentre Plus will pay any travel and childcare costs whilst they are on the work experience placement. There is no direct cost to an employer for sector based work academies as the costs are covered by Government funding.


Pre-employment training:

The Government is committed to ensuring that people looking for employment have the essential skills to succeed in the workplace. Jobcentre Plus, and QA Associates want to work with employers like you to design the content of sector specific training to meet the needs of your business.

The training is fully funded through the Skills Funding Agency and training will enable participants to undertake units on the Qualifications and Credit Framework. It will also be possible for your business to deliver the training without public funding.

A typical 4-week Sector Based Work Academy would:

  • Train prospective employees in the areas that you need;
  • Give the prospective employee a formal short course qualification in the relevant field of work;
  • Inform the prospective employee all about your company and the companies work ethics, policies and procedures;
  • Prepare the new employees for the world of work;
  • Prepares the new employees for an Interview;
  • Arrange with you for work experience at your company so that you can trial whether or not the person is right for your company;

Through liaison and discussion we work with you to make sure that the training includes everything that you need in a new employee and we can tailor qualifications to meet any required standards and make sure that only the best and most suitable candidates are selected, saving you the time of trawling through CV’s and Job Applications.

At the end of the 4-week Sector Based Work Academy, you must guarantee a Job Interview to all the candidates who pass the Academy. You must be willing to employ any suitable candidates that pass the Academy and the Job Interview on a part-time or full-time basis.

All of our training courses are designed to meet Health and Safety Standards and Food Safety Standards; they are available to you and your staff today. We can deliver the training at your company premises, or at our training centre in Ripley. The courses are available as part of a Sector Based Work Academy, or on their own should your staff require qualifications.


DennisIf you would like to find out more please call Dennis Fretwell,

Managing Director, on 01773 748866

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