BTEC Level 3 in Aerodrome Wildlife Control

BTEC Level 3 in Aerodrome Wildlife Control

In partnership with ‘MJ Airports’ Limited, we are hosting a three day course  in ‘Aerodrome Wildlife Control’ on the 19-21st January 2016.

This course is aimed at satisfying EASA Acceptable Means of Compliance for Aerodromes under EU certification rules, GM3 ADR.OPS.B.020 Wildlife strike hazard reduction.

This 3-day course will give learners an understanding of the potential dangers caused by wildlife, on or around aerodromes and how these may be minimised effectively. Successful candidates will achieve a BTEC Level 3 unit accreditation certificate.

The course is to be held at a Marriott Hotel close to Manchester Airport which has excellent facilities for both business and leisure.

Expressions of interest would be welcome now to enable the full programme, itinerary and costs to be finalised.

The course is idea for both managers and operatives at aerodromes throughout the EU as well as the UK.  Expressions of interest should be sent to

For further information contact: on 07525628319 or on 01773748866