Mock Exam Marking (MEM)

Mock Exam Marking (MEM)

Mock Exam Marking (MEM)

‘making mock exams real’


Giving the opportunity for candidates to take a practice or mock version of an examination before they take the real thing has huge benefits for everyone.

Mock exams are the most important pre-exam support any student can benefit from, from GCSE’s to A levels.

Mock Exam Marking (MEM) through QA Associates provides an outstanding opportunity to enable students to excel in demonstrating their learning in an examination.

The key benefits of Mock Exam Marking is that our service provides all educational institutions with the ability to provide final dry-run in a real–life exam.

Mock exams tell candidates which topics they have not mastered and encourage them to focus future learning on weak areas.

These important practice tests tell candidates which topics they have already mastered. They can then direct their learning to other areas and spend minimal further time on the topics they already know.

Practice real-life exam condition testing also feeds back to the instructional team the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and for the candidate group. It can tell which topics have been successfully learned and which areas need more work.

Key benefits of Mock Exam Marking include:

  • Provides accuracy and fairness of exams, which can be impacted by some candidate’s fear or anxiety around the exam process and environment.
  • Mock Exam Marking can reduce test fears for candidates by providing the real-life dry run.
  • Gives learners a real-life experience of the exam which enables them to practice exam writing under pressure, writing to an exam standard assessed by an experienced external and neutral exam marker, a real-life result.
  • Real-life mock exams provide teachers the best objective advice as to how to support each candidate before the final exam, an experienced and neutral view.
  • Practice as you mean to play, mock exam marking is consistent with good practice and with assessment standards, providing meaningful practice.
  • Fair and open mock exams level the playing field to all candidates and promotes the concept of a fair exam, open to and equal for all to fulfill their potential.

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