QA Trainer Graded 'outstanding' by Nottingham Training Network (NTN) | QA Associates - Specialist Assessment, Verification & Accrediatation Services
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QA Trainer Graded ‘outstanding’ by Nottingham Training Network (NTN)

QA Trainer Graded ‘outstanding’ by Nottingham Training Network (NTN)

dsOur In house Trainer, Denise Salmonds was observed by NTN in delivering a recent Employability course at our HQ in Ripley, receiving an overall grade of ‘Outstanding’.

Debbie Watson of NTN, noted in the observation ‘..the clearly structured session was very good and learning was clearly evidenced. This experienced and confident tutor delivered a varied and engaging employability session to a group of 11 learners…’

Debbie wrote to Denise to say ‘Congratulations, this is a great achievement and a good start for my first observations with QA Associates. You’ve set the bar very high for your collegaues’

Well done Denise. Keep up the good work.