News Update: QA Associates to undertake it's 'biggest marking challenge' in it's history! | QA Associates - Specialist Assessment, Verification & Accrediatation Services
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News Update: QA Associates to undertake it’s ‘biggest marking challenge’ in it’s history!

News Update: QA Associates to undertake it’s ‘biggest marking challenge’ in it’s history!

QA Associates are pleased to announce that they have been selected by Sheffield Hallam University to provide marking services for the Universities ‘Integrating English’ project.

The project team at the University, led by Dr Martin Culliney, are undertaking research into the role of grammar in the curriculum in UK schools and how it should be taught at Key Stage 2. Approximately 40 schools are involved in this project with pupils undertaking a writing test during the second week of June.

QA Associates Project Manager, Ben Cocker, and his team of markers, from various different educational backgrounds, will then undertake the marking of the test papers. It’s certainly a case of ‘eyes down and pens at the ready’ for our marking team as this marking session of over 3500 scripts represents the largest single marking challenge undertaken by QA Associates in it’s history! We look forward to the successful completion of the project to the mutual benefit of both Sheffield Hallam University and ourselves.

If you would like to hear more regarding this project or find out any information regarding any of our other up coming marking opportunities please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ben. Available at or by telephone (01773)300300. We look forward to hearing from you.