Predicted Grades for GCSE

Predicted Grades for GCSE

According to the latest from Government, teachers will have a large role to play to submitting evidence to support the predicted grades of their pupils as summer GCSE and ‘A’ Levels examinations have been cancelled.

With well over 4000 mock examination papers marked by us in the last few months why not think about engaging your teachers on preparing tests and marking schemes for their pupils and then use QA Associates to mark the papers on their behalf. 

Alternatively, why not use past papers and mark schemes to assist in the process. Our turnaround time is around three weeks and prices are very competitive. 

By using QA Associates for marking, your teachers will gain valuable time to use their expertise to rank pupils against all of the evidence to hand that will be required for fair and pragmatic assessment.

Give us a call to see how we can work together during these difficult times.

Joanne, Denise, and Elenore are all available to help by calling initially on 01773 748866.