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QA Associates expand their mock marking subjects

QA Associates expand their mock marking subjects

In our most recent batch of mock-exam marking from February and April 2019, we at QA Associates and our team of external examiners have marked over 2500 exam papers. We are also extremely pleased to announce a whole new realm of subject areas which we are now able to take bookings in, including the following:

Physical Education (GCSE, BTEC and A-Level)
Geography (GCSE and A-Level)
Religious Studies (GCSE)
Business Studies (GCSE and A-Level)
Economics (GCSE and A-Level)

Other subject areas, which we have vastly experienced markers in are English Literature and English Language, Mathematics and Science.

As always, should you require any assistance with your school’s mock-examination marking, or if you have any enquiries regarding any other subject areas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Project Manager, Ben Cocker or our Assessment & Examinations Manager, Denise Bostock.

E:; T: 01773 300300
E:; T: 01773 748866